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Visual Novel Haze Man -The Local Hero-

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Studio Bug System
Année 2017
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Genre Visual Novel
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Every day Shoutarou does many part-time jobs just to get by. Even though he is quite skilled at hand-to-hand fighting, he doesn’t make much use of it and lives a simple life, while watched over by his childhood friend Renka. One day, he met an intelligent life form from another planet, Fara, who hailed from a planet called Perel. He risked his life to save her from a thug’s attack and his life then changed completely.

By joining with Fara, he gets an immense increase in his physical ability and also special powders. She transforms into his armor and protects his body from harm. While normally these powers would not be needed in daily life, this resulted in the sudden appearance of Jil, who planned to take Fara back to Perel with him. He must fight Jil’s henchman every day and their heated battles caused a big disturbance in the shopping street. However, it was promoted as a hero show by his company boss Tooko to attract visitors.

What will happen to Shoutarou and Fara? Will they be able to fight off Jil? How will the town revitalization event turn out?
Source : Hau~ Omochikaeri!
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